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The Children’s Partnership has submitted its public comment against the proposed rule to the Federal Register. On this final day for comment, please join us by submitting your unique comments or encourage a friend or family to comment. Help us #ProtectFamilies. Make your voice heard and demand that we move forward policies that prioritize the health and wellbeing of all children and their families.

In partnership with Lake Research Partners, TCP conducted a series of six focus groups among Latino, Black, and Asian Pacific Islander (API) immigrant parents across California to see how immigrant families are faring in today’s political climate, particularly with regard to proposed changes to public charge. As a result of these focus groups, we captured some insightful reactions and impactful quotes to the proposed public charge rule that we would now like to share with you to elevate on social media and incorporate into your public commenting. What is clear is families are having to make the impossible choice between health, food & housing security and keeping their families together. Download our Community Voice Social Media Tool-Kit.

President Trump’s anti-immigrant attacks put families in danger. But immigrant families, advocates, and everyone can take action to fight back. It can be as simple as sharing your story. You could also become a member of the Protecting Immigrant Families campaign. Whoever you are, wherever you are, click here to learn ways to make a difference.

To make it easier for your team to promote the Protecting Immigrant Families Campaign website, they’ve created a comprehensive digital toolkit for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram — complete with

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What would you do if you had to choose between providing your children with food and health care and keeping your family together? Millions of families may be faced with this choice very soon if we don’t act now. The federal government is rumored to propose changes to a longstanding federal immigration rule about “public charge.” In doing so, these regulations would jeopardize the status of millions of immigrants who use—or whose children use—health, housing, nutrition, and other key services and support. It would do this by radically altering the way in which federal officials evaluate whether certain immigrants are—or are likely to become—a “public charge.”

The mere threat to these rules, which have been leaked to several national news publications, has already contributed to the climate of fear and stress faced by immigrant communities today. Adoption of the rules by the federal government could create further confusion, deepen fear in the community, and significantly impact access to health and social services for California’s children, where one in two children are part of an immigrant family. In partnership with The California Endowment, and with input from partners like the National Immigration Law Center and the California Immigrant Policy Center, we have created a video to inform you about potential changes to “public charge,” its impact on children and families, and ways you can get involved to not allow these changes to move forward.

#RiseUpAsOne Download and share our video.

Over the last eighteen months, The Children’s Partnership has worked to show you how the national climate toward immigrant families impacts the wellbeing of children in California and across the nation. Through our Healthy Mind, Healthy Future initiative, research with health providers in California, and engagement with education partners in our ALL IN For Safe Schools campaign, we seek to provide you with information about what policymakers, advocates, and communities can do to support children in immigrant families. We will continue to fight for all children and will share more with the upcoming release of a 500-person survey of families in California.

The Children’s Partnership is an active member of the Protecting Immigrant Families, Advancing Our Future Campaign to fight these impending draft rules. The campaign is co-led by the National Immigration Law Center (NILC) and the Center for Law and Social Policy (CLASP). We join them and families nationwide in denouncing this attack on immigrant families. Learn more about how you can get involved with the campaign and sign a petition to oppose the proposed rule. Follow us at @Kidspartnership on social media to stay informed.

Potential Effects of Public Charge Changes on California Children

In partnership with Kidsdata and Population Reference Bureau, our latest brief “Potential Effects of #PublicCharge Changes on #CA’s Children” gives an overview of what the proposed regulation includes, the chilling effect it would have on the use of public programs & the negative impact it would have on the health & wellbeing of children in immigrant families.

As children’s advocates, we hope you will use this valuable information to highlight the particular impact on California children’s access to critical services in your public comments in response to the rule.

Please join us in pushing back on this harmful proposed regulation and help move our country forward toward a better, brighter and healthier future.


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The Trump Administration wants to take away health care, housing, and food assistance from low-income immigrant families, including U.S. citizen children. Denying access to basic needs programs will decimate their health and wellbeing. Through the Protecting Immigrant Families, Advancing Our Future campaign, the Center for Law and Social Policy (CLASP) and the National Immigration Law Center (NILC) are working with advocates across the country to fight back. To stay up to datejoin the campaign listserv.

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Tweet: The Trump Admin is rumored to propose changes to fed immigration laws about “public charge”. The health of millions of CA children is at risk w/ potential changes that would punish immigrant families 4 taking care of their children. Learn more

Tweet: The fed gov’t is trying to change the rules, in doing so, punishing families 4 taking care of their children. Public Charge refers to people who primarily rely on the gov’t to support the cost of day-to-day living. Find out more in our new video

Tweet: So far NOTHING has changed for immigrants in the U.S. but there are proposed changes that would add services to the list that could be considered when deeming someone a #PublicCharge. Find out what services this could include in @KidsPartnership’s video

Tweet: Using benefits is never the only factor when deciding who might be a #publiccharge. It also does not apply to certain groups of immigrants. Find out who could be affected in @KidsPartnership new video

Tweet: If the changes to #PublicCharge go through, health programs like #Medicaid, #CHIP, or Tax credits that help people get insurance through marketplaces like #CoveredCalifornia could be affected. Learn more @KidsPartnership new video

Tweet: Although there may be changes in the future your #health your wellbeing and that of your children is important. For now, you should continue in programs you need to take care of your family. Learn more in @KidsPartnership video

Tweet: Some of the country’s biggest advocacy organizations are taking action to oppose this proposal. Speak Up this is wrong for families and this is wrong for America! Share your story! Learn more in @KidsPartnership new #PublicCharge video

Tweet: Let’s not punish Immigrant families for taking care of their children. Visit and make your voice heard. Let’s #RaiseUpAsOne for our family, for your family, for all families. Learn more in @KidsPartnership new #PublicCharge video

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