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Digital equity is essential to giving every child the skills they need for a bright future. Access to technology provides new paths to academic and economic opportunity. Technology plays a role in children’s growth and personal development, with so much of their play, learning, and social interactions taking place digitally. 

Lack of access to technology introduces new hurdles that make it harder for many children to get ahead. For too many children—particularly those from low-income families—regular Internet access is out of reach. Without regular exposure to technology, kids are unable to develop the digital literacy skills they need to compete and excel in a 21st century economy. Basic computer skills are as critical today as reading and math. Without those skills, children find themselves at a great disadvantage that limits their academic success, future job prospects, and earning potential. 

TCP is equalizing digital opportunity for children. We advocate improved access to digital tools that help children succeed in school and life. For over 20 years, we have been a leader in the national conversation on how emerging technology impacts the way children learn and grow. Through ongoing research and education, TCP continues to influence and shape policies and programs that bridge the Digital Divide and bring digital opportunity to all children and families. 

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