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Public Charge Children Template Comments

To help you highlight and create unique comments on the impact to children’s health and well being, The Children’s Partnership has crafted child-focused comments here.                                         …


Nutrition Brochure – Spanish

Hay Que Platicar: Alimentacion Saludable Para Niños Formar hábitos saludables de alimentación ayudará a su hijo a llevar una vida larga y saludable. Este recurso proporciona información valiosa sobre la importancia de la nutrición y consejos útiles para elegir alimentos y bebidas saludables. También contiene…


Nutrition Brochure – English

Let’s Talk: Healthy Eating for Kids Forming healthy eating and drinking habits early on will help your child live a long, healthy life. This resource provides valuable information about the importance of nutrition and helpful tips for making healthy eating and drinking choices. It also…


Oral Health Brochure – Spanish

Hay Que Platicar: Salud Oral Para Niños Cuidar la boca y los dientes de su hijo los ayudará a convertirse en un adulto saludable. Este folleto proporciona consejos valiosos para mantener la boca saludable de su hijo y prevenir la caries dental. También contiene información…


Oral Health Brochure – English

Let’s Talk: Oral Health for Kids Taking care of your child’s mouth and teeth will help them become a healthy adult. This brochure provides valuable tips for keeping your child’s mouth healthy and preventing tooth decay. It also contains important information about dental coverage for…


Health Begins Where Children Live, Learn, and Play: Advancing Health Equity

Our new brief, Health Begins Where Children Live, Learn, and Play: Advancing Health Equity, provides examples of how health plans, providers, and states are incorporating Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) strategies into their current activities. The Children’s Partnership is working to ensure that policymakers recognize…


Voter Guide to Improve the Lives of California’s Children

California’s next governor and elected leaders will face critical policy decisions that have the power to uplift children and families and ensure they have the resources and opportunities they need to be healthy, educated, and financially secure. Leaders across the political spectrum have a responsibility…


Health4All Kids Website

Visit the newly redesigned Health4All Kids website for more resources.

Know Your Family’s Health Care Rights

Our new pamphlet includes information on existing options for undocumented and mixed-status families. It outlines health care rights and protections, and it provides information about accessing care locally. Download Here


Conozca los derechos de su familia sobre su cuidado de salud!

Nuestro nuevo folleto incluye información sobre las opciones existentes para familias indocumentadas y de estatus mixto. Describe los derechos y protecciones del cuidado de la salud, y brinda información sobre cómo acceder a la atención a nivel local. Descarga aquí


ALL IN For Health: Health4All Kids Flyer

All children, regardless of immigration status, now qualify for Medi-Cal coverage. Help inform newly eligible families about this coverage opportunity by printing and sharing this flyer. Available in English and Spanish. Download a customizable version. 


Asian Language Dental Health Factsheets

If your child has health coverage through Medi-Cal or a Covered California health plan, he or she has dental coverage and can go to the dentist for regular checkups and care. Download this factsheet, available in nine different languages, to learn more.  Español – CA…

ALL IN For Health: School Calendar

Schools can promote health coverage and care all year long. Keep this flyer handy for simple ideas to engage students and families every month. Updated for the 2016–2017 school year.


ALL IN For Health: Bookmarks

Keep coverage on families’ minds all year long with this fun bookmark. Print this double-sided, English-Spanish bookmark for easy use.  Updated July 2016. 


ALL IN For Health: DACA Flyer

Families who qualify for DACA may also qualify for Medi-Cal, California’s low-cost or free health coverage. Help connect DACA-eligible individuals to health coverage. Flyers are available in both English and Spanish. A customizable DACA Flyer is available to add in local information. 


Your Child Has Dental Coverage! Flyer

More kids than ever have dental coverage. Pediatric dental coverage is included in all Covered California health plans for the first time. And all children enrolled in Medi-Cal also have dental coverage. However, many families may not realize that their children have dental coverage or…


ALL IN For Health: Get Care Flyer

Now that more families than ever have health coverage, help educate them about the importance of getting routine preventive care. Available in both English and Spanish. A customizable Get Care Flyer is available to add in local information. 


Small Business for Kids Health

The Affordable Care Act provides new health coverage opportunities to small businesses. Small business owners may qualify for tax credits to offer coverage to their employees or can help connect employees and their families to no- or low-cost health coverage through Medi-Cal or Covered California.…


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