Immigration Relief for Parents and Youth = Whole Family Health Coverage in California

In late 2014, President Obama announced immigration executive actions that include a new program providing temporary work authorization and protection fromdeportation for certain undocumented parents with US citizen or lawful permanent resident children. This executive action buildson similar steps the President took in 2012, which created a program known as Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) that has already provided work authorization and protections to thousands of people living in the US who were brought here as children. The President’s recent executive actions are currently on hold, awaiting a court decision. However, in addition to granting a reprieve from the fear of deportation, these new immigration policies would also provide a unique opportunity in California for some of these families to gain Medi-Cal coverage, thus enrolling a large share of the remaining and hard-to-reach uninsured parents and children in the state. The Children’s Partnership and Georgetown University’s Center for Children and Families released a new report outlining how to prepare for these potential new coverage opportunities in California. 

Download the Action List : How Can Your Organization Help Get DAPA and DACA Families Covered?

Download the Map: Where DAPA Eligible Parents Live in Southern California

Download the Flyer: Are you DACAmented? People with DACA Status Are Eligible for Health Coverage

Find more resources for undocumented families at ALL IN For Health



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