Coordination of Services and Management of Health


The coordination and integration of comprehensive services is essential to the holistic well-being of children and youth. Thanks to new technology, coordinating information and integrating services to support children across a spectrum of school, health, and welfare systems is becoming increasingly viable. 

Care teams face significant challenges accessing the “full picture” when it comes to the health care needs of children in their care. Lack of information can lead to over- or under-prescription of medications, repetitive testing, and unnecessary emergency room visits for children. This problem is especially acute for children and youth in foster care, many of whom have significant mental and physical health needs and experience frequent changes in family placements, health providers, and schools.

At TCP, we explore and promote strategies that advance the use of technology to empower families in making health care decisions and better coordinate services for vulnerable children. Our work helps identify innovative and promising tools that can be used to improve collaborative exchange between health providers, educators, social service providers, and guardians. When youth and families use digital health tools, they are better informed and empowered to make their own health care decisions.

Partnerships & Community:
TCP works with our partners in the technology and government sectors to design initiatives that promote care coordination through electronic record systems and explore the potential technology brings to health care. We work closely with these partners to provide input into policies, practices, and design to create a more effective system of electronic coordinated care. By encouraging youth-designed digital health tools, we empower youth to manage their own health.

TCP helps shape local, state, and federal policies that support effective use of electronic care coordination tools and advance the use of technology in health care. We represent children and families on a number of federal panels and state and local workgroups, where we work to ensure that evolving policy, practice, and funding support the meaningful use of health information technology.

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