The Children’s Partnership currently works on two main priority issue areas that are pressing for underserved children: Health and Digital Technology


Every child deserves a healthy start in life.


Good health provides a foundation for children to succeed. It means children develop on track and enter school ready to learn. In order to have a healthy start, we need to provide every child with the health care they need. 

Many of California’s most vulnerable children don’t have access to affordable, quality care. In California and across the nation, many children in underserved communities face substantial barriers to getting quality care. These children are often not enrolled in health insurance, have limited access to health care, and deal with a shortage of health professionals in their communities. As a result, there are significant disparities in child health further complicated by income, geography, and a number of other factors out of the child’s control.

At TCP, we are working to expand health coverage and access to care for all children—especially those in underserved communities. 

  • We identify and promote strategies that streamline health coverage enrollment and advance innovative approaches to improve the delivery of needed health care to all childrenHealth Coverage >
  • We seek to promote health equity and eliminate disparities in health and health care for children. Health Care >

Digital Technology

Technology is transforming the ways in which children grow, learn, and communicate. 

Using technology is a critical part of growing up in America, but not every child has the tools and opportunities they need to succeed in the digital age. In order to thrive in today’s digital world, children need access to digital opportunities. Access to technology has the power to improve the health and academic success of children from all backgrounds.

There is still a great disparity between those who have access to technology and the skills to benefit from it and those who don’t. Low-income families often find themselves on the wrong side of the digital divide.

While technology is revolutionizing health care, not all children are reaping the benefits. Critical information relevant to key health and life decisions is often locked up in government or private systems and rarely shared with families and youth who would benefit most from having access to it. This problem is especially acute for children and youth in foster care who experience frequent changes in family placements, health providers, and schools. These disruptions result in incomplete records that hamper the ability of families and youth to make informed decisions.

TCP’s work is helping to ensure that all kids and families can benefit from technological innovation.

The private sector does a tremendous job of putting technological innovation in the hands of people, and our work aims to harness that innovation and apply it to meet the needs of underserved populations. 

  • We develop programs and promote policies that leverage technology to improve health care outcomes for children and expand digital access and opportunities for children in California and across the country. Digital Health Tools >
  • We bring deep expertise in leveraging digital technologies in ways that help children succeed in a constantly evolving world. Digital Opportunity >

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