Today's Senate Action Is a Serious Threat to Children's Coverage

Today’s Senate Action Is a Serious Threat to Children’s Coverage

Los Angeles – “Every effort brought forth by Congress to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is wrong for our children, wrong for our economy, and wrong for our future. Today, the Senate voted to open debate on health care without seeing a bill, when every plan under consideration is projected to lead to millions of children and families losing coverage.

Today, the rate of children’s coverage is at a historic all-time high of 95 percent because Medicaid, CHIP, and the ACA are working for kids and families. As advocates for children, we call on the Senate to put politics aside, put families first, and work in a bipartisan manner to build on the ACA and improve health care for every community,” said Mayra Alvarez, President of The Children’s Partnership.