The Children's Partnership Urges Senators to Vote Yes on the USA Act

The Children’s Partnership Urges Senators to Vote Yes on the USA Act

The Children’s Partnership thanks our Senators for their work for California’s children and families. As they look to support the wellbeing of all Californians, we urge them to vote yes on the USA Act and oppose any effort to create a $25 billion slush fund for additional border enforcement.

Today, Senators have the opportunity to secure permanent protections for Dreamers from deportation and fix the crisis in which too many of our families are living. In California, half of our children are part of immigrant families. From distress in the classroom to weeping outside of school, the new Administration’s approach to immigration enforcement is causing severe emotional suffering for immigrants and their loved ones. These actions have a devastating impact on local communities and the state as a whole. The national anti-immigrant policies will have a lasting effect on the health and well-being of children in immigrant families – including U.S. citizen children who live in mixed-status households.

What the country needs is a solution to this crisis. We ask our Senators to support the USA Act, which provides a pathway to citizenship for Dreamers and a commonsense process for determining what border enforcement, if any, is needed. With commitment and leadership focused on sensible policy solutions, we can ensure that children in immigrant families remain healthy, feel secure, and continue to thrive.

About The Children’s Partnership 

The Children’s Partnership (TCP) is a California–based national children’s advocacy organization committed to improving the lives of underserved children where they live, learn, and play with breakthrough solutions at the intersection of research, policy, and community engagement. Since 1993, TCP has been a leading voice for children and a critical resource for communities across California and the nation, working every day to champion policies that provide all children with the resources and opportunities they need to thrive.