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mHEALTH INTELLIGENCE: Patient Portals for Foster Youth Improve Care Coordination

 “This electronic health record is serving a very particular population with specific needs. Children in youth and foster care move around a lot – between homes, between schools, between doctors’ offices and so on.” “Having continuity between those settings and records is a real problem.…

CALIFORNIA HEALTHLINE: Brown Signs Bills To Reduce Rx Use Among Foster Children

Kathy Dresslar, director of Sacramento governmental affairs at the Children’s Partnership, in a release said the legislative package “takes critical and significant steps forward in addressing … over-prescription of psychotropics and antipsychotics to children and youth in foster care” (Children’s Partnership release, 10/7).

LA OPINION: Schools Inform You About Medical Coverage for Your Children

“Esto será particularmente importante en la próxima primavera y verano, cuando, por primera vez, los niños indocumentados que son elegibles por sus ingresos calificarán para Medi-Cal”, expresó Kattlove. “Muchas familias ya tendrán cobertura de salud, de tal manera que es fundamental orientarlos acerca de cómo…

UNVISION: California Finds That No Child Should Remain Without Medical Coverage

“Las escuelas quieren promover que los niños tengan una buena salud”, opina Jenny Kattlove, directora de programas para The Children’s Partnership. “Pero muchas de ellas ya están ocupadas con sus funciones diarias y por ello aprecian nuestra ayuda”. El programa All In For Health hace…

CALIFORNIA HEALTHLINE: Telehealth Niche for Special-Needs Kids

“These children … often find their health care needs unmet for a variety of reasons, such as provider shortages, lack of access to specialists, lack of affordable transportation and a number of other barriers,” Vigil said. “But with the increased use of video conferencing, remote…

KPBS: California’s Dental Program Gains Patients While Losing Dentists

Jenny Kattlove, programs director of The Children’s Partnership, a nonprofit advocacy group, said dentists who treat kids with Denti-Cal coverage take a financial hit. “The state really needs to look at its priorities and set rates higher, so that it can attract enough quality providers,”…

CALIFORNIA HEALTHLINE: Supreme Court Ripples in California

“It is a huge victory,” said Wendy Lazarus, co-president of The Children’s Partnership, a national children’s health advocacy group based in Santa Monica. “It’s a victory to be able to say the law applies and we’re doing the right thing,” she said. “We need to…

CALIFORNIA HEALTHLINE: Governor Plans To Put Federal Children’s Health Money Into General Fund

“They’re not demonstrating where they’re spending that money, especially for children’s health care. And that’s where it’s supposed to be spent,” said Kathryn Dresslar, director of Sacramento governmental affairs at The Children’s Partnership. “It’s what they systematically do, overestimating expenditures and underestimating revenues,” Dresslar said.…

THE HUFFINGTON POST: American Innovation Can Narrow the Opportunity Gap for Kids

Co-authored by Wendy Lazarus, Founder & Co-President, The Children’s Partnership and Laurie Lipper, Founder & Co-President, The Children’s Partnership The past 60 years have seen an extraordinary expansion of the U.S. economy and the advent of game-changing innovations, including the explosion of the digital age.…

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