Laurie Lipper

Laurie Lipper is founder of and senior advisor to The Children’s Partnership, a national, nonprofit organization started in 1993 to advance the interests of America’s children and families—especially those at risk of being left behind. Its mission is to ensure that all children have the resources and the opportunities they need to grow up healthy and to lead productive lives. 

Ms. Lipper has focused her career on advocacy for a range of issues—particularly those concerning children.  Her work through The Children’s Partnership has been recognized for its pioneering nature, including the 2007 Susan G. Hadden Award from the Alliance for Public Technology. As a co-recipient of the 2003 Internet Visionary Award, she was praised by industry leaders who stated that, “Laurie understood technology issues before most of us had even heard of the Internet.” 

Ms. Lipper has been working on issues such as children and the digital media since 1994 when she co-authored America’s Children and the Information Superhighway, the first comprehensive report on how the digital society impacts children. Since then, Ms. Lipper has co-authored and overseen the publication of dozens of reports on children’s issues, particularly in the areas of technology and child advocacy.  She was the co-author of The Parents’ Guide to the Information Superhighway:   Rules and Tools for Families Online (1996). The Guide, a first-of-its-kind resource providing parents with the information necessary to help children in the new age of information technology, was recognized by the Computerworld/Smithsonian Award program “for Heroic Achievement in Information Technology.”  The Guide has been published in four languages, and nearly a million copies have been distributed. She has also overseen the development of the award-winning Children’s Partnership web sites.

Ms. Lipper’s distinctive career has also included serving as founding vice-president for communications at Children Now, where she developed a model communications program in children’s issues. She was deputy campaign manager for a California campaign reform initiative, Proposition 68, and marketing director for USA for Africa and Hands Across America. She also served as director of The Nation Institute, a New York-based organization that promotes civil liberties and debate on foreign and domestic policy. 

Ms. Lipper sits as an advisor to Get Net Wise, Net Family News, and Common Sense Media and has served on the board of the Parents Council of Washington. She is an accomplished speaker to schools and parent groups, to the American Library Association, at a White House Summit on Internet issues, at the Institute of Medicine/National Research Council, National Academy of Sciences workshops on children and computer technology, and to media such as USA Today, NBC, Newsweek, Time Online and a variety of print and electronic outlets.

Ms. Lipper received her undergraduate degree from the University of California at Santa Barbara, and currently resides in Washington, D.C.

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