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Electronic Information Exchange for Children in Foster Care: A Roadmap to Improved Outcomes

By Stefanie Gluckman with Ashley Phelps | February 2010


FosterCareRoadMapCoverThe need for efficient and effective coordination of care to adequately serve children living in foster care is broadly acknowledged by experts in the field. This Roadmap describes how information technology and the electronic exchange of information can be used as a powerful tool to improve the coordination of care and provision of services for children living in foster care in California.

After presenting alternative models for an electronic system that facilitates information sharing between providers in the foster care system, and considering the technical, financial, and political opportunities that exist for moving this effort forward, this Roadmap recommends concrete steps that the State and other key stakeholders can take toward improving outcomes for children in foster care through the use of information technology.

Download the Full Roadmap  (PDF, 1.2 MB).

Download the Executive Summary  (PDF, 184 KB).