Health-based technologies allow families to obtain high-quality health care services for their children, no matter where they live. While there are times when a child must see a doctor or dentist in person, there are many services that can be provided from a distance. Telehealth makes it possible for more children to get the care they need, when they need it, right in their own communities.

Throughout California and across the nation, many families are struggling to find local providers to care for their children. A shortage and inadequate distribution of local providers leaves millions of children without access to much-needed health services in their neighborhoods. Low-income families often face financial, transportation, and language barriers when seeking traditional office-based care.

We promote the wider adoption of telehealth to bring better health care options directly into communities so children get the care they need, when they need it.

Partnerships & Community:
We help shape on-the-ground pilot projects to demonstrate telehealth’s value in bringing medical, mental health, and dental care to children in need. Working with our partners, we provide technical assistance to local, state, and national entities interested in using telehealth to deliver care to children.

We conduct research and educate decision-makers about the role telehealth can play in meeting children’s health needs. We then set and promote policy priorities that facilitate wider adoption of telehealth to address the health care needs of children.


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