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In 1993, The Children’s Partnership set out to help invent a future where all children would have access to all the health care they need, and wouldn’t have to go to an emergency room to treat a simple ear infection; where the vast benefits of the Internet and computing devices would reach even the most disadvantaged child; and where parents, regardless of education or income, could learn to guide their children productively and safely on the Internet. Below is a sample of our recent work:


Children's Health Care/Health Reform

  • New Back-to-School Checklist Item in California: Enroll in Health Coverage
    on October 03, 2014

    Huffington Post Blog
    Wendy Lazarus

    What a difference a year makes. Last September, as millions of children across the country and in California started back to ...

  • CA Governor Accepts $12 Million in Medi-Cal Assistance
    on September 26, 2014

    Today, TCP joins a coalition of children’s health advocates to applaud the Governor’s decision to sign SB 18 (Leno/Hernandez) and thank him for continuing California’s ...

Health IT

Family-Friendly Enrollment

  • Wendy Lazarus on Express Lane Eligibility and Reducing Enrollment Backlogs
    on July 29, 2014

    Huffington Post Blog

    Wendy Lazarus makes recommendations for using a common sense policy, Express Lane Eligibilty (ELE), to help those with limited resources gain access to health care in a streamlined and efficient way, and while generating administrative savings. Download the full blog here

  • New ‘Express Lane’ Links Food Stamp Recipients to Health Care
    on March 28, 2014

    New America Media

    In February, DHCS sent out letters about the express lane eligibility option to more than 570,000 adults and over 150,000 children who are currently receiving CalFresh benefits but are not enrolled in Medi-Cal. “As part of the Affordable Care Act, ‘express lane eligibility’ has been an opportunity ...

Dental Health

  • ‘Virtual’ Dental Exams Help the Underserved: Q&A with Jenny Kattlove, The Children’s Partnership
    on October 09, 2014

    Robert Wood Johnson Foundation: New Public Health

    Recent data out of California has shown that close to 90,000 children go to the emergency room for ...

  • California Approves Dental Telehealth Program to Expand Access to Services
    on October 02, 2014

    October 2, 2014 -- Oral health advocates are lauding California's new law expanding the Virtual Dental Home (VDH), a program that uses telehealth technology to ...

Foster Care Coordination

  • Why Every Foster Kid Should Have an 'Electronic Backpack'
    on June 24, 2014


    Recently launched, the "Electronic Backpack" project would help end incomplete medical records for foster youth in Ventura County, CA. Having a digital warehouse to hold ...

  • Ginny Puddefoot on Benefits of Coordinated Care for Ventura Youth in Foster Care
    on June 23, 2014

    California Healthline

    Ginny Puddefoot discusses at length the launch of a pilot program aimed at improving social and health care coordination for youth in foster ...

Internet and 21st Century Skills

  • Wendy Lazarus on Social Gaming and Child Poverty
    on September 27, 2012

    Huffington Post

    As gaming becomes more social, it is expanding into parts of society once seen as untouched by video games. The largest of these groups is women, who make up 55 percent of social gamers on average. Women are also more likely than men to make charitable contributions, care about ...

  • TCP Gaming Paper Encourages Gaming Industry Towards Philanthropy
    on September 26, 2012

    The Washington Post

    An article highlighting the VirtuallyGood4Kids (VG4K) inititative encouraging  the gaming "industry to provide parents and their kids with more opportunities to direct the money they spend on virtual purchases toward fundraising causes."

    Learn more about VirtuallyGood4Kids.