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Game Companies and America's Children 

Game companies, now a $25 billion industry with an audience of primarily women and children, should be at the forefront of a new and high impact form of corporate social responsibility.  Based upon a year of research, Can Game Companies Help America's Children? examines trends in the games industry, with an emphasis on cause partnerships in digital games, and makes the case that the industry should be giving back in ways that improve the health and education of children.

Read Wendy Lazarus' blog in the Huffington Post on Social Gaming and Poverty (PDF) and a related commentary in the State of Opportunity. 

Read an endorsement from software developers, Netsuke Entertainment, for social game developers to become involved. (PDF)


VG4Klonglogois a cause partnership developed by The Children's Partnership as a way to engage game companies and get kids off to a heathy, strong start in life.  

VirtuallyGood4Kids Presentation (PDF)

VirtuallyGood4Kids Brochure (PDF)


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92.3% of children in grades K-12 use a computer at school. 87% of children enrolled in public schools used a computer, compared with 85% enrolled in private schools. (Source:

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