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E-Enrollment and Express Lane Eligibility

Health information technology (HIT) provides many opportunities to reach eligible but uninsured children, enroll them, and maintain continuous coverage more simply, efficiently, and effectively.

E-Enrollment refers to the use of technology and data-sharing capabilities to streamline the enrollment of eligible children into public health insurance subsidy programs (Medicaid, CHIP, and premium tax credits and cost-sharing reductions in the Exchange) and to facilitate the renewal process for those programs.
E-Enrollment is the methodology of the future, as ACA requires states to develop and use secure electronic interfaces to exchange available data “to the maximum extent practicable” to establish, verify, and update eligibility for available health subsidy programs. E-Enrollment strategies include:

  • Online application and renewal opportunities;
  • Cross-program data sharing and data retrieval to facilitate eligibility and renewal determinations, as well as verification;
  • Automated processing, reporting, and tracking; and
  • Express Lane Eligibility (ELE), which allows Medicaid and CHIP agencies to borrow specific eligibility findings from other public need-based programs.

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