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TCP Joins Children’s Health Advocates to Celebrate Common-Sense Effort to Keep Children and Families Insured

on August 15, 2014

Senate Bill 18, authored by state Senators Mark Leno and Ed Hernandez, by the Assembly Appropriations Committee on Thursday. The bill requires the state to accept private foundation funds and matching federal funds to help children and families maintain their Medi-Cal coverage. “SB 18 will build upon the incredible strides the state has made in providing health coverage to children and families by funding – at no cost to the state – assistance for Medi-Cal recipients to renew their coverage,” ...


Comments on Health-Related Data Sharing and Transparency

on August 08, 2014

The Children’s Partnership response to Senators Wyden and Grassley’s letter of July 12, 2014, requesting input on how to increase health care data transparency and enhance the availability and utility of health care data.  

Download the letter here.


Innovations in Dentistry Bridging the Gap for California Kids

on August 07, 2014

Huffington Post Blog

Wendy Lazarus and Jenny Kattlove highlight a technological advance, the Virtual Dental Home (VDH), that has been tested in California over the past three years. The program has been successful in reaching underserved children and other populations to prevent and treat dental disease. 

Read more about this pilot program that helps solve a serious public health problem and has proven to be ...


ALL IN Campaign for Health Reaches More of California's Children and Their Parents Through Schools

on August 05, 2014

La Opinion

Astrid Campos from TCP's ALL IN for Health Campaign descibes the importance of outreach through schools to enroll families in Obamacare.  "Health care does not just benefit the physical health of a child but it’s also important for their mental well being," said Campos. She also noted, “We know that bringing health coverage to millions of Californians who went without is not just ...


Wendy Lazarus on Express Lane Eligibility and Reducing Enrollment Backlogs

on July 29, 2014

Huffington Post Blog

Wendy Lazarus makes recommendations for using a common sense policy, Express Lane Eligibilty (ELE), to help those with limited resources gain access to health care in a streamlined and efficient way, and while generating administrative savings. Download the full blog here


Kathleen Hamilton on Challenges of Access to Dentists in Denti-Cal

on July 16, 2014

California Health Report

Kathleen Hamilton describes her own experience with the shortage of Denti-Cal dentists to advocate for increasing reimbursement rates. While not addressing the need to increase reimbusrement rates for dentists taking Medi-Cal patients, the Virtual Dental Home legislation, AB 1174, would address issues for some patients who do not have transportation to access a dentist. 

Download the full article here.


Comments on Modification and Revisions to the EHR "Meaningful Use" Incentive Program

on July 14, 2014

The Children's Partnership joined twenty-eight consumer organizations on submitted comments by Consumer Partnership for eHealth regarding Propsed Rule CMA-00520P/RIN 0938-AS30, Modifications to the Medicare and Medicaid EHR Incentive Programs for 2014; and Health Information Technology; Revised to the Certified EHR Technology Definition. 


Kristen Golden Testa Questions Refusal of 'Free Money" by California Health Officials

on July 04, 2014
The Washington Post

Consumer advocates and some legislators were surprised and frustrated when California health officials recently refused a $6 million donation to help people re-up their Medi-Cal health coverage. Now two senators have proposed an unusual solution: a bill to force the state to accept the offer from The California Endowment. "It's a head scratcher to me," said Kristen Golden Testa, health director of The Children's Partnership. "Free money to help keep people covered seems to make a ...

The Children’s Partnership works to ensure that all children—especially those at risk of being left behind—have the resources and opportunities they need to grow up healthy and lead productive lives. Read More.

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ALL IN for Health Campaign

Schools and Child-Care Connecting Families to Health  Coverage


There is much we can all do to get ALL IN and help children, families, and school employees get the health coverage they need.

   1. Download the ALL IN toolkit.
   2. Distribute ALL IN materials to students, parents, teachers, and staff members at events, in backpacks, and newsletters.
   3. Reach out to us to talk about how you can take the next step to be ALL IN and host an educational/enrollment event.

Click here to read more about this partner and other ALL IN Updates. 

New Opportunity for CalFresh Participants Who Do Not Have Health Insurance:


California has decided toexpress enroll” 153,000 children and about 550,000 adults who are enrolled in CalFresh, but not currently enrolled in Medi-Cal. The “Express Lane Enrollment” process allows these selected individuals to be immediately enrolled in Medi-Cal by simply giving their OK.  NO application!

The Medi-Cal program provides no-cost coverage for comprehensive health care such as doctor visits, hospital visits, prescription drugs, mental health care, and dental care for children (partial dental for adults starting in May). 

Download an FAQ about California's new Express Lane Enrollment Process. EnglishSpanish

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