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The Children's Partnership (TCP) is a national, nonprofit child advocacy organization with offices in Santa Monica, CA and Washington DC.

We focus particular attention on the goals of ensuring that all children have the health care they need and that the opportunities afforded by computing devices and the Internet benefit all children and families. With input from our advisors, we advance our goals by combining national research with community-based pilot programs. We then develop policy and advocacy agendas to take these demonstrated solutions to scale.

The Children's Partnership works both at the national level and at the state level in California--home to one in eight children in the U.S. We focus often on the intersection of federal and state policies in order to maximize the benefits for children and families and our work is designed to serve as useful demonstrations for other interested states.

In this way, TCP serves as a "research and development arm" for the children's movement and expands the reach of child advocacy to new issues and new audiences.

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