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How We Work


At its inception 1993, The Children's Partnership (TCP) established four principles to guide its work:

  1. The Children's Partnership will focus on issues that can positively affect significant numbers of children and their families in the United States. We will pay particular attention to children in underserved communities.
  2. The Children's Partnership will advocate on issues where it can make unique contributions, without duplicating the work of others.
  3. The Children's Partnership will hold itself to definable outcomes and to maintaining the highest possible quality standards in its work.
  4. The Children's Partnership will run a well-managed, fiscally sound business and high-quality workplace.

At The Children’s Partnership, We…

Set the Children's Agenda on emerging issues

Develop policy proposals based on research and community pilots and advocate for them

Create pilot programs with local communities to devise practical solutions

Publish original research and analysis on high-impact and emerging issues

Forge partnerships to increase impact of practice and policy solutions